Friday, February 2, 2018

Your Crown Princess Wants to Take You on a FREE Trip!

Have you seen this or something similar in your Crown Princess and team groups?

 It sounds amazing, right? 
Who wouldn't want an all-expense paid trip to NYC (or some other awesome destination) as an incentive to work hard and reach goals? 

Before you go spending $2000+ to front-load SeneGence products in the next 60 days, let me explain how this works for the Crown Princess, but not so much for anyone else, not even you, Princess. 

SeneGence's sales are plunging, and you know it. The CP's commissions are hurting. All of your commissions are hurting, so here comes an incentive trip to inspire those under you to load up.
CP's need their Princesses to hit their PV and they need Princesses to convince the downline team to hit it. Their commissions depend on it. This is the game.

Let's do the math. I adore math! So, 5 lines of a team to do this for the next two months, means putting your team and yourself into a combined total debt of about $8000.

If she has several Princesses, having you all strain to hit your marks for the next two months, even if none of you reach the goal, she has gotten herself two nice big checks! She doesn't really care if she never takes a single one of you to NYC. In fact, she is probably banking on none of you quite hitting the requirements! If ALL of her CP's try super hard to do so, but none quite make it, she wins! Because even if you spend YOUR $2000+ and four out of five of your team spend thousands of dollars front-loading in the next two months, guess what? YOU LOSE! She got her check, you got some debt and a garage full of stock. You also get to listen to your downline panic because they are now in credit card debt and unable to move their stock as fast as they'd like to recoup their money.

In real money, this little incentive trip costs you over $2000 out of your pocket, and over $800 out of the pockets of 5 of your team members. Let's say by some miracle you do get to go, NYC will be another $1000 in food and entertainment. I can tell you, living 2 hours from NYC myself, you can take yourself there for a week for less than $3000. It's not an all-inclusive island.

Why not band together and make real suggestions to the company that will help you succeed for real? Free shipping for distributors, free replicated sales websites for your customers to order from, no more carrying stock, 50% discount for you always no matter how much you spend.

Those are sustainable business practices that actually work for both the company AND it's sellers. Get rid of the GOOB groups and sales with that replicated warehouse and cutting out the front loading bullshit. If the company cared about you, they would listen. I know this works, because it's working with my company. It ensures representative retention, eliminates price undercutting and sales, and so much more. Don't you wonder why they don't already run things this way?

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