Thursday, January 11, 2018

Yes, I'm Selfish....

Several months ago I wrote a blog that reached over 14K hits in a 48 hour period. It was about LipSense and my experience with it. I told the truth, and I provided factual math to back it up. Maybe you've read it, if not, and if you want to, you can find it here.  I received a TON of backlash about WHY I wrote it, and I want to clear that up!

Some individuals felt that mentioning in the post that I joined another MLM somehow discredited the entire post. I don't really understand that reasoning, unless of course I had posted a bunch of lies. Which, I did not. Why would telling the truth about a bad experience, then telling the truth about a good one, be a bad thing? Did I write the post for the sole selfish reason of recruiting as many as I could for Maskcara Beauty? Was I only looking out for myself and bashing another company for my own personal gain?

As in all things in life, that answer is not a simple yes or no!

Of course I hoped my post would send motivated, smart, and business-minded women my way!  I am after all, a business woman! My goal is to live financially debt free and make my family's future a little more secure. Having a team in an MLM will always be better than product sales alone. I'm not ashamed of that in the least. But I also care what happens to others. And I also hate liars. 

Putting the truth out there about SeneGence felt SO GOOD!  Being involved in SeneGence wasted my time and resources, even if it was only 3 months and a thousand bucks.  Their newest gimmick, the $55 "free" sign ups, is really $55 in fake money, call "SeneBucks". No one is told, in order to receive it, they will need to buy $600 in product to get a 50% discount (a $400 purchase out of your pocket!!). That ROYALLY pisses me off. *see what I did there??*  :)

I think we should empower each other, not deceive each other.

Just because I was and am looking to build my Maskcara team, doesn't mean I lied about my experience with SeneGence. I didn't "not make it and am now bitter".  In fact, I DO know what I'm doing in business, and I work tirelessly at all 3 of my businesses every single day. Two of them are my own that I started from nothing (not MLM's). One is my full time and the other is a recent endeavor that is already seeing success.

You many be thinking, if they are so successful, why was I in an MLM?

Statistically, those who achieve true financial freedom, have at least 7 streams of income from different sources at any given moment. I'm always looking for another source of income, big or small, and weighing the pros and cons of that source. I left SeneGence within 3 months because there was no way I was wasting my time on a company and product that I knew wasn't going to be financially lucrative, and was going to be a time-drain in the biggest way possible. I joined Maskcara, because I knew that after researching it, once I put forth the initial work to build up a customer base and team, it has major potential to roll along happily on it's own without much maintenance from me. Under 5000 Artists, growing fast, no stock, honesty, great product, website for customer orders....THAT is what I'm looking for in a business. Isn't that what we are ALL looking for?

I also knew, that women who realized for themselves within a month or two, or who were disappointed that their LipSense business wasn't bringing in a bunch of money even though they were selling like crazy, would be the perfect team for me. Already having a customer base of women who are buying lip colors makes an easy transition to introduce Maskcara products (which are honestly more amazing than LipSense and the other SG stuff). Why wouldn't I point out the million reasons Maskcara is just a better business decision? If I didn't, that would be a bad business decision for ME!

So, yes, I am unapologetically looking out for myself and my family, all while telling the truth. 
I hope in fact, that you are doing the same!

Since then, I've been on the hunt to join a second company that would be similar to Maskcara. 
I haven't found one yet, but along the way, I researched and almost joined Monet. There are some things I don't like about the company, but it's not off the table for me just yet either. 

If you love your MLM and are truly seeing success that equals or is greater than the time and effort you are putting in, I want to hear about it! 

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