Thursday, January 18, 2018

If You Want To Succeed, Learn How To Lie?

It's not a big secret that building a business is difficult, stressful, and can eat away at your soul. It can feel like a tug-of-war on your integrity at times, because it's hard to promote your own business without looking self-serving. Do we really need to lie our way to the top to succeed? I don't think we do. I think we can still see great success while holding onto our morals.

In my MLM experience, there are ground rules that seem to be consistent among them all...

No Negativity! (Drink Your Koolade and Shut Up!)
Even if you have a legit issue, shush! Always appear positive and just have faith that it's going to resolve if you just work hard! Ignoring things makes them go away!

Fake It Til You Make It!
No sales? Post on social media about all your crazy sales and how busy you are selling!

Get Excited!
Get so excited about your product, your head may literally pop off!

Ignore The Haters! 💔
Are people telling you that you're never going to succeed? You're just wasting your time and money? Ignore them, they are just jealous, can't succeed, bitter, etc. and you are a BOSS BABE 💅ROCK STAR 💋GIRL BOSS!

I need to pause here for a moment and express how much I despise titles like boss babe, mom boss, and whatever. Men don't do this, so why are we screaming for equality when we are giving each other juvenile and cutesy names like this? Let's just all stop doing that.

And yes, I know the name of my blog. 
If you haven't figured it out yet,  I am a highly sarcastic individual. 
I titled it in a sarcastic moment then later realized it doesn't really appear sarcastic, 
but now it's too late to change it. 
So, if you're gonna insist you're a Girl Boss, at least be a Smart One.

Give Gifts To Your Downline!
Reward your downline and encourage them to hit their sales goals by gifting them with dollar store trinkets covered in glitter and kisses!

I am going to go against the grain here and say, 
I don't think this advice is smart 
for business in the long run

I don't define success in dollar amounts that aren't sustainable. 
Ask yourself this. Would you rather make 10K in one month and have it fizzle out quickly then die, 
or make 1-2K a month and know that it will last? 
I'd rather it last!

A big cause of the negative attitude surrounding MLM's and all those who sell their products, is that sellers seem fake. It's really hard not to come across that way, even when you have the best intentions. When you try to present it as if you're "sharing" this amazing product or this wonderful opportunity to work from home, it's almost worse! Because now, you're overtly trying to cover up your selfishness by acting like it's generosity. So what do you do? I am seeing success and I am NOT doing any of the above nonsense. This is what I'm doing....

Customer Service Needs To Be #1💖
This is #1 and there are no exceptions. Choose an MLM that has an excellent and hassle-free return policy. You are going to be selling to friends and family in your first few months, and those are relationships you do not want to burn.

Choose The MLM Wisely
👉Do NOT join an MLM that makes you carry stock. Buying first and hustling to sell later is a big 👉NOPE from me. Once the MLM has your money, why should they care if you sell the product later?
👉Make sure there is an easy website for customers to order from.
👉Make sure you are getting a good commission from those sales and that the company will handle the returns.
👉Choose one that is growing fast, and has products that actually do what they say they will.
👉Choose one that sells products that are consumable (people will run out and need to reorder).

Free Shipping
I'm all about free shipping. I can spend an hour online loading a cart full of my favorite things only to get to the checkout and see that I have to pay shipping. Dude, I'll shut my laptop and walk! I'd rather pay a few extra dollars for the shiz than be nickel and dime'd during the check-out process! It's psychological, but it's true. You're more likely to sell products for a company that offers free shipping and has a good return policy. Period.

Become Friends With Your Team
Make real friends with your team or downline. Not fake friends, but actual friends. Be real and be yourself. Talk about things other than the business you are in together. A downline is not just a source of income for you.

Help Them Build Their Team!
Sign new team members up under your team to help them build their first line! This sounds crazy, but I will be doing this as soon as possible, in spite of being told to work on building a first line for myself. See, I did that before and it doesn't work. I built a solid first line of 6 and spent a ton of time training and helping new sellers only to have them quit on me after a month, before they could even get started. SO I've decided, if you help your first line by basically giving them a first line, they are going to be that much more invested in the company. They are going to put in the work to build a customer base, are also going to know that you want them sincerely to succeed!

Do Not Over-Spend!!
Another piece of crazy but real advice from an upline (me!). Do NOT spend more than you can afford in your first month of business. Just DON'T. You do not need every product, you do NOT need samples! If you spend too much and you don't have customers immediately banging down your door, you are going to get scared. You are going to freak out and start regretting your decision. Then, you're going to quit and try to sell the kit you have at half price and you are going to be bitter.

I know most MLM leaders encourage their downline to spend spend spend. This is because they are making money off you when you spend!! I never tell my team to do this. I want them to stick around and build a real business, and that isn't something that can be done in a hurry.

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In addition to owning 2 of my own successful businesses, Kphotography, LLC  and Sweet Witch, LLC, I am also with two MLM's, Monet which I am brand new to, and Maskcara Beauty where I am Artist 3258.

Thanks for reading!!

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