Thursday, September 14, 2017

Who LipSense Does Work For....

LipSense does work. My previous blog may have given the impression that it never works, which I admit, is inaccurate. My bad!! It works for two small groups. The first is obviously the CEO and her gang. The second, aren't far underneath her, they are the CP's and other "high royalty"that only wear "seneblue" now as a standard uniform (they've totally ruined my alumni high school colors for me) and they run groups and teach their downlines things like this:

Notice the term "dominion" in there. She dominates you all, according to her.

And the Bots just respond as instructed: DONE! Take my $480 for a chance to win a $9 tee shirt!!

I can say all this, because for a month or so, I was a Bot too! I got caught up in all the promises of wealth and an uplifting business, and a "sisterhood".  But look what those sisters say, when I defend their fellow sisters who are in trouble now, from overloading stock and going into several thousands of dollars in debt.

And check out this comment - a favorite of mine:

"Guns out?" WHOA! Guns out??? Really??? I thought the uplines were supposed to teach their downlines how to be successful. Doesn't seem like it here. She told me "it's not the norm". Obviously they don't see (or don't want to see) the hundreds of posts like this:

No, I suppose technically no one held a gun to their head and FORCED anyone to buy a 300pv order. Month after month. Though, if you don't, you can't even earn a tiny profit. A color and a gloss retail for $45 together (without tax). If I go in and try to buy just one color and gloss for a customer, guess what it costs me with my 20% discount? $46.63!! Where exactly is my sales profit??

So the excuse that you don't have to front load or buy large amounts also doesn't hold up.

To shrug off all responsibility for their downlines going into financial ruin so THEY can make more money and climb to the top, and using the excuse that they didn't bring "guns out", is a special kind of evil.  They don't care...not about the women under them, or the ones who are currently in trouble, or the truth. What they care about, is that it stays quiet, so they can guarantee a new cycle of fresh women to sign up.

They don't like it, when I expose their truths. They call me a failure (I currently own and run a very successful business and have done so for over 12 years) and they call all of this "made up" (which is hilarious if you have eyes and a Facebook you can go into any group and see thousands of women in debt and financial strain). My blog posts have been marked "dangerous" on Facebook so that when you click on it, you may get a link saying it could be a virus, etc. It's their attempt to keep their own cash flow coming in. If the truth couldn't possibly hurt them, they wouldn't be so worried about my little blog. So in light of that, please feel free to share it!

Because,  their cash flow keeps coming in! Even as those of us drop off after realizing that the math doesn't add up when selling the product (see the math here) ... new women sign up. When you quit or drop off, you'll never hear another word from the CP. They won't try to get you to stay. They won't try to offer support, because as they say, it's easier to find a new fish, than wake the dead.

This company is a constant ebb and flow of quitters in exchange for new hopeful and naive women, who will do what they are told.

I'm not telling you not to be a girl boss. Just be a smart girl boss.

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