Saturday, September 2, 2017

Maskcara, a breath of fresh air

Ok, so I did some research on various Direct Marketing companies and found Maskcara. The company, founded by top beauty blogger Cara Brooke Killpack, had not even launched yet, so I was Artist 3258 to sign up (it started at Artist 1001, so I was within the first 3,000 to sign).

In my first month, I doubled my investment. We are still under 5,000 Artists worldwide, so if you really wanted to get in on a ground floor opportunity, and you're disappointed that SeneGence wasn't it ... email me here and I'll send you the business opportunity to read and decide for yourself. NO sales pitches, no pressure. What's so nice is, I am no longer being told to lie and pressure a downline to buy buy buy. I refuse to do that to women. I prefer to empower them.

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where you can learn about the business side of the company even more! 

Reasons Maskcara business is awesome and so different than other MLM's:
 NO products to buy first and sell later. NO RISK OF DEBT which is a huge one if you're familiar with how some other companies are running their business.
 NOTHING to ship. NO running all over town to deliver anything. All orders go through your website and are shipped to the customer directly. This goes for returns. You never touch a thing! Get your time back!
 NO Minimums. For real. You earn 20% of your sales NO MATTER WHAT. No matter if you only sell $50 worth that month.
 RANK - when you rank, you don't just get a title, you get an actual pay raise.
 Everything is in stock 99% of the time. If things get low, we are all notified on our app (yes, a relevant and awesome APP!!) at the same time. Artist sign-ups are put on hold until stock goes back up. Since there is no push to "front load" there is not an OOS issue, and there are also NO SALES. No one down the street is going to sell their Maskcara for less. It just doesn't happen.
 PRODUCTS are unique, easy to use, and start at $12! And they are wonderful, high quality, and modern.
There are actual rewards for your hostesses from the company, as well as for yourself, for having a party if you choose to do those!
 We JUST hit 4000 Artists. This is true ground-floor. This is the time to get in.
Below is a pic of the good stuff  Your kit options! It's the only time you ever buy any product. It's everything you need to do make-overs, have your own make-up set, and begin getting customers. Not pictured are all the catalogs, post cards, party invites, and order forms that also come with either kit.

$199 (retail $450)
$399 (retail $850)

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